Cooking eggs well - Type of cooking, Cooking time, and tips

You love eggs, but you always cook them the same way, and you would like to change?

Don’t worry, I have lots of ideas for you, and the exact cooking times to make sure you never miss your eggs.

In boiling water with their shell

  • Boiled eggs:
    The white is a bit runny and the yellow still raw.
    For cooking, it’s 3 minutes in boiling water or even 4 minutes for large eggs.
  • Soft-boiled eggs:
    The white and the edges of the yellow are well cooked, but the interior remains runny.
    For cooking, it’s 4 minutes in boiling water, or even 5 minutes if the eggs are large.
  • Hard boiled eggs :
    The white is very cooked and the yellow is soft.
    For cooking, it’s 10 minutes in boiling water

TIP : To prevent the shell from cracking in the water and your egg from escaping, put a little vinegar in your cooking water!

In simmering water without their shell

  • Poached eggs :
    Bring a large pot of water to a boil, add a small glass of white vinegar. Do not add salt, to avoid the coagulation of the white.
    Crack the eggs in individual ramekins.
    As soon as the water is boiling, lower the heat: Cooking should be done with simmering water.
    Using a spoon, mix the water until it forms a whirlpool and dip an egg. The swirl should allow the egg white to surround the yolk. Remove the egg from the pan as soon as the white is cooked and immerse it in cold water to stop the cooking.

In the pan

  • Scrambled eggs :
    Break the eggs in a bowl, dirty and pepper. You can add a little crème fraiche if you like your fluffy scrambled eggs.
    Pour them into a buttered hot pan.
    Mix by “scrambling” them using a spatula.
  • Fried eggs :
    Butter a frying pan, break the eggs inside, salt and pepper.
    Remove the thin membrane above the yolks using a fork.
    When the white is cooked, you can stop cooking, it’s ready!

In the oven


  • The casserole egg:
    Butter a ramekin, add a large spoon of cream, salt, pepper, pour the whole egg, add the cream, salt and pepper again, sprinkle with grated cheese.

    You will find slightly more elaborate recipes for egg casserole on the internet! You can do it with asparagus, or foie gras, for example.


Pssst … The expiration date has passed but you are not sure that your eggs are expired?
I give you an old grandmother’s tip to know if your eggs are still edible:

In a large bowl of water, immerse your eggs …

Those that flow are fresh, you can eat them without fear!
Those that float are not fresh, throw them away!